The Green and Energy-saving POC Pool
CHIA Has Been Opened Firstly


-- %

Daily Earnings



$ %
Netspace Distribution
Old Protocol
Netspace: -- %
Daily Mined: (%) %
Weekly Mined: (%) %
New Protocol
Netspace: -- %
Daily Mined: (%) %
Weekly Mined: (%) %

Daily Earnings

Earnings Model:  
TiB ≈ XCH ≈ $



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Why Choose CloverPool?

Handy Management

Simple web operation, registration with phone or email easily, the mining status can be showed clearly on user dashboard, multi-level risk control system to ensure account security.

Guaranteed Earnings

The most true and transparent mining data, the fairest PPLNS earnings model, settlement on time everyday, the transactions can be checked on the chain, and the earnings details are accurate and transparent.

Steady Service

Top technical team, 24/7 Steady mining network environment, distributed architecture support millions of miners in mining concurrently.

Professional Team

Specilizes in pool filed for many years. First-class technical strength ensures safe, reliable and trustworthy services.

Proof of Capacity(POC) Consensus Algorithm

A new-generation mining that is highly decentralized,naturally energy-saving,fair,open,clean and environmental.

More Environmentally Friendly

Hard disk naturally has the advantages of low power consumption,no heat,no need for heat dissipation,low noise.

Mining for Everyone

No need for expensive graphics cards and mining machines,no need for remote hosting, and no need to build a mining farm.Everyone can mine by using the hard disk space at home.

Fair and Open

Everyone can participate, the mining crowd is dispersed, there are more users, and the fair and open mechanism returns to the essence of blockchain decentralization.

High Safety Performance

The security of POC consensus algorithm is not lower than POW consensus algorithm.The network expansion is unlimited.